Meet Our Salty Staff!

We're so excited to have so many great people on staff here at Insight Float. 



What’s the one thing you hope to bring to everyone you meet?

Inspiration. This is your life: live it for all it's worth. Find your passion. Find meaning in the things you do. Care for the people around you. Love your family, your friends your neighbors; treat them like it. And most importantly, treat yourself like you love you. If you have love for who you are, act like it, that love will show through in everything you do. Is that one thing?



What do you think about when you get in the tank?

I think about each and every person that walks through my door. I wonder where you are in your journeys since we last spoke, I think about your trials and troubles, and quietly celebrate your successes. I think about what I can do to help you next time you come in.




How did you get interested in floatation therapy as a practice?

I first heard about floatation therapy about 4 or years ago though it had sounded interesting I never really thought twice about it until I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome roughly 3 years ago. I started down the Holistic path and I knew I needed another method to help relieve my pain,anxiety, depression, and to help improve my quality of life. So in August of 2017 I started to float and it has helped improved my day to day life tremendously, so much so that floating has helped me get off ALL of my medicines prescribed by my doctors! (Along with a lot of other lifestyle changes, but floating has played a huge part on my healing journey thus far)!



What do you think about when you get in the tank?  

At first it seems like everything that has built up through the week/month in the forefront of my thoughts and subconscious gets unleashed, experienced, acknowledged, and solved, and after I swim through that deep and dark realm of self I reach a warm and light space where thoughts and possibly my ego cease to exist, and I experience a euphoric bliss filled with many other mysteries for the remainder of my float.

Floating has helped me get to know myself better and feel more comfortable with myself. It's beautiful to see the difference in people after they walk out of a float session! They move about with more ease, and seem more at peace. The more that we achieve this state, the more we celebrate ourselves and others.




What do you think about when you get in the tank?

Initially when I get into the tank I am completely focused on my breathe. As my breathe settles into rhythm it helps settle my mind. So to answer this question I try not to think in the tank and let go of my mind.


Alexis - Massage Therapist

Alexis graduated from San Francisco School of Massage in 2013 after more than 20 years in the healthcare field as a Licensed Vocational Nurse.

Physical stress, emotional tension and environmental toxins can all contribute to the creation of dis-ease and pain in our entire “system,” and she was drawn to massage therapy and bodywork because she wanted to help people to restore natural balance and ease in their bodies. Alexis believes that therapeutic massage is one of many ways we can engage with the Body/Mind connection and work to affect truly positive change.

At SFSM she studied Swedish and deep tissue massage. She often use cranio-sacral and trigger point techniques and she is a level 2 Reiki practitioner.

She works intuitively, and approaches each bodywork session with respect, an open heart, and a clear intention for the healing and well-being of her clients.