Jobs at Insight Float


We are looking for float facilitators


Our business is to hold space for people, by creating a warm, clean, and safe environment, that allows people to relax and find renewal. As a Float Facilitator at Insight Float, you will be at the very heart of our business. This requires an attention to detail, a lot (!) of cleaning, and strong listening and interaction skills. The best part is, you get to be present with people on their best day of the week. We find that after their float, clients tend to be relaxed, smiling, and have a desire to talk about things that really matter to them. It's refreshing.

Here's a short list of things we think will make you a really great addition to our team:

* Passionate about floating
* Friendly, personable, and calming demeanor
* Comfortable helping clients find tools to help enrich their lives
* Attention to detail in both timeliness and cleanliness
* Foster an environment of positivity and growth
* Clear Communicator
* Capable of managing tight turnovers while still engaging with customers
* Willingness to get wet and salty
* Clear and welcoming phone etiquette
* Willingness to find things to do during slow times (Self starter)
* Desire to help people grow and develop and/or a willingness to listen as they find that in themselves
* You must be able to lift 50 pounds

If you've floated before or like to float regularly, even better!


Hours are between 9:30am - 10pm Tue - Fri and 8:30am - 10pm on Weekends. Shifts are either 4 - 4.5 hours long. We are looking for people who would be willing to work at least 12 hours a week (if you're available more often that's even better) and at least one shift every weekend. 

If you are interseted, please send a little information about yourself and a little bit about your work history to:
info@insightfloat com.