Insight Float in the Media

We're tickled pink to have the chance to share our passion for floating with the outside world! Here's a few places we've been featured recently. 

Gentry Magazine's PULSE

"One of the Bay Area's leading authorities on floating'"

Read all about it here!


Rachel Hunter's tour of beauty

Rachel Hunter stopped in to relax!


Gentry Magazine's A-List

"Word around town is that the experience is 'addicting.'"

Read more about A-Listers Mike and Anna Jones here!


Auve Daily

"Better sleep, performance, relaxation and recovery are just a few of the benefits offered from flotation therapy. [G]ive Insight Float in San Carlos a try."

Read more about Auve Daily's experience here:


San Jose Mercury News

Feeling stressed? Sore? A little crazed? ‘Floating’ takes you away
Are the mental and physical benefits real, or should you take it all with a grain of salt?

“There’s nothing fringe about this anymore,” says Mike Jones, co-founder of Insight Float in San Carlos, which just opened in December. “It’s becoming very much part of next-generation therapies. But I don’t want people to step into it expecting magic is going to happen,” he says. “I want people to have no expectations and just let the experience wash over them.”

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Sprouted Fresh

Sprouted Fresh blogger Courtney put our tanks to the test. She came in with anxiety, and by the time she left, all her troubles had just... floated away!