How OFTen should i float?

Our recommendation is to chose a floating frequency that you can stick with for a year. Maybe it's every other day, and maybe it's twice a month - there's no wrong way. The most important thing is that you are dedicating time for yourself, and making this time a habit.
We have many membership options to chose from, but we really recommend that one float a month option. Make your habit sacred, carve it out in your schedule, make a recurring appointment to reboot yourself. 

What should i wear in the tank?

We recommend wearing nothing in the tank. Your float room is totally private. We find that swimsuits or other materials feel heavy against the skin when floating, and they can distract from the benefits of floating.

What should i bring?

We provide towels, robes, and assorted toiletries. You may want to bring shower shoes for your own comfort. Leave your worries and your expectations at home. 

We change our water every 6 months, or about 1000 floats. You don't need to worry about the water - our pumps are made for olympic sized swimming pools, and we change our filters weekly. It's cleaner than your favorite spa or public swimming pool.

How often do you change the water?

Floating while pregnant is amazing. Although it is perfectly safe throughout your entire pregnancy, we recommend that you wait until your second trimester. Our water is heated to your external body temperature (about 94 degrees), and we recommend that you check with your doctor or midwife before you float. Their main concern is usually the heat of the tank, and many people mistakenly believe that a float tank is the same temperature as a hot tub. Please feel free to call us and ask more questions about pregnancy and floating; our owners just welcomed a baby, and are more than happy to answer more personal or more detailed questions.

Can I float while pregnant?