What is CBD Masage?

In a CBD massage, we apply oils and lotions infused with hemp-derived CBD. Our certified massage therapists are well-versed with the application of CBD and are trained to give you relief and relaxation.

How much CBD will I get?

Each CBD Massage at Insight Float targets 50 mL of CBD. Ocassionally, the therapist will determine that more CBD is needed, and that is something you may discuss with your therapist. Any unused portion of massage medium will be sent home with you.

How should I combine this with Floatation Therapy?

W e really recommend floating prior to the CBD massage. We recommend floating before any massage because it can warm your muscles, ligaments, and other tissues effectively, while increasing circulation and relatxation. When adding CBD to any massage, it’s important to note that the lasting effects of CBD will work better if it is not washed off right away. We recommend 2 hours post-massage at a minimum to allow the CBD to full absorb into the system.

Our CBD massage base is odorless, and the only visible clue that you enjoyed a CBD massage will be your extreme relaxation.

Does the CBD oil have an odor?

Yes, our awesome CBD oil will mix well in most massage mediums, including our Vegan Massage Cream, our Certified Organic Massage Oil Blend, and any of our aromatherapy massage oil bases.

Can I choose lotion or oil for my massage base?

CBD oil does not contain THC, the psycoative ingredient found in cannabis. It is likely, however, that you will feel euphoric after a float and massage (it is just that good), but you will remain clear-headed, and safe to operate vehicles or other heavy machinery.

Will a CBD massage make me feel high?

Our CBD massage oil CBD Isolate, and contains zero THC, no trace amounts. If you are also using other CBD products, we encourage you to check with the manufacturer, as they may have trace amounts of THC that, over time, could put you at risk of failing a drug test.

Will CBD show up on a drug test?

Chemicals ingested during marijuana use have been shown to pass through breastmilk to infants. While there isn’t a large body of evidence to suggest that topical hemp or CBD use is safe or unsafe during pregnancy or nursing, we will say that it isn’t commonly done, and we don’t recommend it.

Should I use CBD topically while I’m pregnant or nursing?

FDA DISCLOSURE * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product/massage is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.