“It’s amazing, you feel completely relaxed, some of the pressure points that hurt, like my neck, it hurts a little bit, but then it starts completely relaxing. it is really tranquil and quiet, and having the water take all of that pressure off your body is pretty amazing.”

“To have that moment of just nothing-ness, just for an hour, is pretty amazing, so to me it is beneficial…and…. definitely will incorporate it in to my life for sure, because I don’t think there is anywhere else you can feel weightlessness, not only for your body, but also for your mind. So, yes, a float as far as a method of well-being, absolutely, because we do feel weightless….”
-Rachel Hunter, Tour of Beauty at Insight Float


Your Float Center

Insight Float, the best reviewed Floatation Spa on the Peninsula, is about creating an environment and practice where people can relax, unwind, clear their thoughts, unlock creativity, and heal their bodies, minds, and spirits through floatation therapy.  We are a community landing place where you find like-minded people; where conversations unfold naturally, and people find ways to express themselves with a new awareness.


Why Float at Insight Float?

We are passionate about helping people. We want to make sure you love floating, and yourselves. Our staff is well-trained with a variety of floating populations, including athletes, those with chronic pain, PTSD, and many others. We do our very best to treat each person who walks through our door with love and compassion.  This is the very best we have to offer you, and we invite you to come in and find out. 



Add a MASSASGE to your float, or purchase a SIGNATURE FLO-SSAGE package to really escape. 

Please call us to book either of these services: (650) 288-7707.